The beauty industry is changing and evolving every day.

Because of these changes, many professional salon owners are finding it difficult to maintain high activity in their salon establishments – despite the exceptional growth of the industry.

Many professionals are turning to freelance work, building their list of clientele, instead of working a normal 9-5, full-time job.

Due to these economic shifts, freelance stylists and makeup artists often find it difficult to find suitable environments to provide services to their clients. Many often open their home to their clients.

My guest today, Alicia Holliday, has over 13 years of experience working in the beauty industry as a professional hair stylist and makeup artist.

Throughout her career, she discovered this multi-faceted problem that the beauty industry faced and came up with a way to fix the problem.

Her company, Open Chair, is on a mission to help professional and freelance hair stylists, makeup artists, as well as salon owners through her unique idea to offer a salon chair rental service to the professionals within the industry.

Today, she shares her story of how she started her business, the challenges she faces as the founder of a startup, and what motivates her to bring this idea to fruition.

In This Episode of The Fierce Entrepreneur Podcast:

  • Alicia shares why she decided to start her business and how she believes it will impact the future of the beauty industry.
  • She shares her plans for her business, which includes developing and launching a mobile app!
  • She talks about the startup competition she recently won and how it has helped motivate her.
  • She shares what excites her most about her startup.
  • She talks about the biggest challenges and obstacles she’s faced as the founder of a startup.
  • She shares how she realized she was an entrepreneur while attending middle school.


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