What drives you to do what you do?

Do you put your soul into your activities or has your day turned into a monotonous set of routines and habits?

Do you know that your passion for the things you do can be the start of something big for you?

Today’s guest knew he is an entrepreneur even from a young age. Diego Lozano was inspired by his grandfather who wasn’t able to go to school but ended up a successful entrepreneur.

Diego spent his high school years studying people – observing them and looking at what people want and buy the most.

In today’s episode, Diego talks about where his passion has lead him – from being a personal trainer to becoming a thriving business owner of a lifestyle brand.

While he continues to help people get in better shape, he shares the inspiring story of how he founded Meraki Athletics, the name of which came from the Greek word “meraki” that describes doing something with soul, love, and creativity.

In This Episode of The Fierce Entrepreneur Podcast:

  • Diego shares his plans of putting up his own gym someday in spite of the business and sleepless nights to get things done.
  • He shares the story of how he started his business and his motivation for doing what he does.
  • We discuss some of the things on his bucket list, which include one of the joys and benefits of being an entrepreneur – traveling.
  • He emphasizes the importance of content: the difference between telling your story versus selling something.

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